EPA Risk Management Programs We have helped many clients comply with the EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule, 40 CFR 68, including public communications requirements added to the Rule since its initial finalization.

For processes falling under Program 3, the backbone of the rule is almost identical to the OSHA PSM Standard, with certain supplementary requirements relating to the expansion of emergency planning requirements, communications and coordination with the public and LEPCs, and preparation of a submission to the U.S. EPA (and to certain state EPAs).

We have also developed several Program 2 RMPs, which are streamlined versions of the full Program 3.
In developing RMP programs we:

develop flexible, easily updated RMP prevention programs (similar to PSM programs) identifying activities, recordkeeping needs, and accountabilities

conduct and document offsite consequence analyses based on defensible dispersion, explosion, or fire models, and local demographic/environmental data

prepare emergency response programs (integrated, if requested, with other site emergency action plans) through coordination with LEPCs

prepare RMP submissions and appropriate certifications

help plan and participate in public meetings.