Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Technology HS&E Evaluation Among areas in which we have provided vital integrated risk management expertise to our clients is in the evaluation of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) processes for NOx removal from fossil fuel combustion streams. With a strong background in process safety, risk analysis, and reliability management of anhydrous ammonia-based systems and in consequence modeling of accidental ammonia release scenarios, we conduct third-party reviews of SCR systems and help develop risk management programs, addressing issues such as

Quantitative risk analysis of alternatives
Cost plus risk comparisons
Process safety and risk management
System operability and reliability
Compliance with OSHA and EPA/RMP regulations
Evaluation against applicable codes and standards (e.g., ANSI K61.1)
System siting criteria
Anhydrous ammonia unloading and storage operations
Operating procedures
Mechanical integrity inspection, testing and maintenance procedures
Emergency response planning.
We help our clients develop and initiate all necessary programs to bring SCR operations into compliance with the Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and related OSHA regulations, as well as preparing submissions under the EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule.