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Unwin Company Principals

We at Unwin Company are a group of individuals who have dedicated all our professional careers to building expertise in process safety and risk management, quantitative risk assessment, and systems reliability management. Our company principals (see brief bios below) work with strategic partners and support staff as needed to form strong project teams.

Robert W. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is President of Unwin Company. He is an industry leader in the development and dissemination of risk analysis methods and risk management strategies. For over 40 years, Mr. Johnson has helped clients analyze risks, prioritize risk reduction options, develop corporate technical safety programs, train process hazard analysis team leaders, and estimate potential fire/explosion/toxic release consequences.

Mr. Johnson is a fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and an emeritus member of the Area 11a Committee, which programs the annual AIChE Loss Prevention Symposium. He is also the 2019 Chair of the Global Congress on Process Safety, the world's largest gathering of process safety practitioners from industry, government, and academia.

Mr. Johnson is a long-time member of the AIChE Safety and Chemical Engineering Education (SACHE) Committee, which promotes process safety in undergraduate chemical engineering programs. Mr. Johnson has also taught chemical process safety in the chemical engineering departments at The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati, and has authored eLearning courses on chemical reactivity hazards, safeguards, HAZOP Studies, and Layer of Protection Analysis.

Among his many contributions to the loss prevention literature, Mr. Johnson was lead contract author of five books published by the AIChE Center for Chemical Process Safety. He was co-editor and a contributor to the process safety section of Perry's Chemical Engineers Handbook.

Mr. Johnson has previously held senior engineer positions with Hercules, Du Pont, and Battelle. He holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering from Purdue University.

Steven W. Rudy

Mr. Rudy has 30 years of experience in the process safety and risk management field. During this time, he has performed both qualitative and quantitative risk analysis studies for the petroleum, chemical, aerospace and nuclear industries; developed, implemented and audited process safety and risk management programs, including operating procedures, emergency response plans, and mechanical integrity programs; and developed both risk assessment tools and program management software.

Mr. Rudy’s expertise is in process safety and risk management, including process hazard analysis, quantitative risk analysis, administrative procedures, mechanical integrity programs, and operating and safe work practice procedures. He has also provided guidance to local and national governmental agencies in the establishment of risk criteria for use in decisionmaking. Mr. Rudy is highly proficient in the development and application of risk management software. He has co-authored three books on hazard evaluation procedures and on chemical reactivity hazards, and also co-authored U.S. Department of Energy Standards on process safety management program development, process hazard analyses (PHAs), and PHA-based decisionmaking.

Other Associates

Bryan T. Haywood

Bryan Haywood is an experienced and educated safety professional, with over 20 years of experience specializing in risk reduction and OSHA compliance. He began his career in the safety field as a fire fighter/EMT in Western Kentucky while attending Murray State University, obtaining his BS in Occupational Safety and Health. He entered the Chemical Process Industry as a safety engineer. Mr. Haywood continued his safety education, obtaining his MS in Safety Engineering in 1996. During his career, Mr. Haywood has developed, implemented, and managed chemical process safety management systems for five Fortune 500 companies, achieving OSHA VPP STAR status four times. As a safety professional in industry, Mr. Haywood held roles from Senior Safety Engineer to Corporate Safety and Health Manager. In these roles, Mr. Haywood was responsible for the development, implementation, and management of five different PSM/RMP management systems for both batch and continuous operation processes.

Mr. Haywood now runs a safety website and consulting business (SAFTENG.net LLC), providing PSM/RMP services around the world. Mr. Haywood's experience includes developing and implementing six sigma safety processes, behavior-based safety observation processes, safety and health training and compliance auditing. As a consultant, Mr. Haywood completes, on average, more than 75 OSHA compliance audits each year for more than two dozen Fortune 500 companies and trains over 300 workers in safety and health. Mr. Haywood maintains all his current emergency response certifications in law enforcement, fire service, and hazardous materials response and has obtained over 5,800 hours of training in firefighting, HAZMAT, technical rescue, and security from recognized training organizations such as Texas A&M, LSU, Murray State University - NIOSH Training Institute, and National Fire Academy.

John F. Murphy, PE

Mr. Murphy has 38 years of experience in chemical manufacturing and process safety with jobs in the chemical industry, consulting and government. He has recently retired as an investigator with the U. S. Chemical Safety Board where he served as lead investigator on the Reactive Hazard Investigation and other chemical processing incidents. He also retired from the Dow Chemical Company where he was a leader in process safety. While in consulting, he performed process hazard analysis. process safety auditing, process safety management system development, reactive chemical program development, training on incident investigation and process safety management, and other process safety projects. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers where he is a leader in the Safety and Health Division and the Center for Chemical Process Safety. Mr. Murphy is a professional engineer in the state of Texas. He has a B. S. in Chemical Engineering from Tufts University and an M. B. A. from Central Michigan University.

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