About Unwin Company


Unwin Company was founded by Dr. Stephen D. Unwin in 1996 as a process safety and risk management consultancy. (Dr. Unwin is no longer with the company.)

Unwin Company is a resource of specialists in process safety and risk management, quantitative risk assessment, process hazard analysis, site vulnerability analysis, and system reliability management. Unwin Company also provides support services and subject matter expertise to U.S. Government clients.

Our client base includes numerous industry sectors. From compliance support with the OSHA Process Safety Management Standard or the EPA Risk Management Program Rule, to the quantitative assessment of process reliability, safety, and business risk exposure supporting corporate or plant resource allocation, Unwin Company offers a wealth of practical experience, detailed regulatory knowledge, and state-of-the-art tools.

OUR APPROACH: We seek to develop technical, business and regulatory compliance solutions that integrate with our clients' existing programs and systems, intruding minimally on current, successful practices. Our technical experience and innovation, business understanding, and emphasis on clear communication are at the core of our approach to service.

OUR EXPERIENCE: Each member of our team (see a brief version of our Resumes) has demonstrated industry trust through maintained, long-term client relationships. While our business base is principally in the United States, our expertise is also recognized internationally, as evidenced by the multi-national use of our methods and services.

Our technical and regulatory expertise is recognized not only by our clients, but also by regulatory agencies and industry organizations on whose behalf we often present seminars on subjects such as Process Safety Management, Process Hazard Analysis, and Quantitative Risk Analysis. Our services include:
Supporting clients in the establishment and initiation of all elements of comprehensive, integrated PSM and RMP programs geared toward compliance and business return.
Conducting quantitative risk/reliability analyses to support risk-based corporate resource allocation, facility siting, and process design, operations, and maintenance.
Implementing PHA performance and revalidation techniques that are risk-informed and that are time-economical without sacrificing hazard identification efficacy.
Developing PSM-compliant Mechanical Integrity Programs that focus systematically on equipment that drives overall safety, reliability, and environmental performance.
Writing or contributing to books on process safety topics.
We invite you to peruse our Services and Software menus for more information.

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