Asset Integrity Management Through use of the substantial template materials we have developed over the years, and building on our role as contract authors for CCPS' Guidelines for Asset Integrity Management (AIChE, 2017), we help clients over the initial hurdle of establishing their asset integrity management (AIM) programs (e.g., mechanical integrity under PSM or RMP Program 3, or maintenance program under RMP Program 2), systems, and procedures.

Our two-tiered approach addresses both the administrative activities (critical equipment identification, establishment of scheduled maintenance activities and frequencies, work order and hazardous work permit systems, etc.) and the craft activities (with recordkeeping, under RMP Program 3 and PSM, and training requirements) necessary to implement a successful and compliant program.
In helping develop your administrative practices, we capitalize on our extensive experience with industry standards and applicable regulations to answer questions such as "what types of maintenance should we do?" and "how often?"
In development of craft procedures, our approach satisfies RMP Program 3 and PSM "employee participation" requirements, while creating an integrated set of flexible, usable, and easily updatable written procedures.
We can provide guidance on selecting software tools with the capabilities to ease the administrative load of implementing the program. We are familiar with standard packages and develop customized maintenance management software for our clients.