RMP/PSM Compliance Audits We conduct compliance audits of Process Safety Management (PSM) programs against 29 CFR 1910.119 and well as internal corporate standards. We also conduct audits of Risk Management Programs that address the RMP Prevention Program per the requirements of 40 CFR 68, and, if requested, expand the audit to capture all elements of RMP compliance.

Our PSM audits incorporate protocols established in the OSHA Compliance Directive CPL 02-02-045 (REVISED), addressing records review, employee interviews, and observation of onsite conditions.
We have expanded the OSHA protocols for the purposes of RMP audits to encompass incremental issues based on the RMP audit guidance provided by the U.S. EPA to implementing agencies.
We document audit findings, and, if requested, specific recommendations for program improvements.

In addition to full program audits, we also conduct more streamlined program reviews and targeted assessments that provide highly efficient means of identifying significant program deficiencies and areas for improvement.