ePHA Software for Process Hazard Analysis

TM is a spreadsheet-based tool for facilitating and documenting process hazard analyses (PHAs) such as required under the OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM) Standard and the EPA Risk Management Program (RMP) Rule.

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allows full PSM/RMP-scope PHA electronic documentation in a single file. (Click here to view a screen image of the ePHA main menu)
streamlines document control of PHA revalidations and updates.

optional methods for PHA performance, including HAZOPS, Procedure-Based HAZOPS, What-If?, What If?/Checklist, and FMEA
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optional bases for risk-ranking: standard, flexible matrix methods or order-of-magnitude risk formulas (Click here to view a screen image of a typical ePHA risk matrix)
approaches for addressing human factors, facility siting, process safety information, previous incidents, and process hazards as required under OSHA PSM and EPA RMP
a chemical compatibility matrix
bases for the prioritization of recommendations and action items
tracking to completion of action items from PHAs and other PSM program elements (audits, incident investigations). Click here to view a screen image of the action item summary and tracking page.

Unlike other PHA software, uses a Microsoft ExcelTM platform. This allows unprecedented technical and editorial flexibility. You can easily adjust PHA format and structure to conform to your facility or corporate standards.